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Better than selling, we must build relationships

Posted by Dr. Paulo Morocho 15/09/2014 2 Comment(s) Security,New Products,

“Every business is selling” is one of the best known to us who we play in the field of trade in goods and / or services phrases. However, we can add that every successful business must be based on creating good relationships.

Empathy is more than a quality, a useful skill when they enter, stay and progress in the market. From the smallest business to the largest, it requires the generation of good treatment systems and prioritizing customer, you have made or yet to purchase our products. That which you are colloquially called “hook” is critical to the future growth of our sales. And we only have one minutes to give the best impression.


The building relationships goes beyond the vendor-customer relationship, because it is a real relationship that strengthens the links first as individuals and then as economic agents. Worrying and demonstrate our interest in their situation, welfare and offer solutions to your requirements, as an additional element that will generate a future return -close or not our friends-partners to access this offer, or to recommend us as good hosts We are selling our house.


It should be noted that the fact of creating these links should lead to the desire and hard work to improve as people and facilitators of products. To develop better methods and products to a greater and better satisfaction of our friends, customers. Not just about marketing, but must go hand in hand with a good presentation and consolidation of the relationship. Again, we  have only about 1 minute to give the best impression.


If you follow this recommendation and customized according to their own qualities, personal strengths and skills of negotiation, may be seen spokesman and a better positioning in the market, to raise preferences for their products and their sales noticeably. But remember, rather than purchasing a product, consumers usually turn to a store or professional for a solution to our problems and the solution is better channeled with a sincere smile.

So rather than sell, we build relationships and good relations we generate rewarding results.


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2 Comment(s)

15/09/2014, 12:08:31 PM

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