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Allmed Group works with the largest service technology for the successful operation of companies, leading the way in system design and implementation of online services by working completely in the cloud.


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A business is not only to generate a service or develop a product is to understand the user and meet their needs.

Strategy design

Strategy is everything in the business world. A true strategy evolves with the business and it anticipates market events, only in this way can we say that a business can succeed.


A business must be understood as a brand, so that what we first sell is a brand, a feeling, a vision and a mission, hence it is very important to start defining all those values if we want to succeed with our company.

Content Strategy

A strategy contains a document classified as secret, which indicates a planning that the company has to follow to achieve the objectives.

Business in action

We join the service provider with the clients, so that the client does not have the need to approach a physical space to request the service.

Built From Scratch

It all starts from an idea, which is born from the needs of the human being, so an idea is the most human thing that exists and so it must be taken care of and treated with the importance that it deserves very much outside its feasibility to be realized.

Choose a market

The most important thing for your business will be to fully know the market where you are in order to perform any action from there our insistence on conducting market studies before conducting a business.

Maintenance & Updates

Having a business is just the beginning of a long road where the most important thing for the business will be to keep it alive and the second most important thing will be for it to grow over time.

Our Process


What is your idea and what do you want to achieve, are the main questions we have to define


How are we going to work and what sales and marketing methodologies are we going to use, are the following aspects to be treated.


It is time for the creative process to work and it will have to be changed, redefined and structured as many times as necessary until the business works.


At this time, it is time to get to work and the action begins to gain strength.

Featured Work

Online Business

Creation of online stores

The speed in negotiations is a very important element when conducting a business, hence in all businesses we offer the opportunity to do business online exclusively.

Business Development

Elegant Job Recruiters Business Architecture

A business has to be created as a house, where a project that meets the needs of the owner and users must come out.

Business Design

Teaching is a good business

One of the fastest growing businesses on the internet is related to teaching. However, for a product such as a course or training to succeed, it must be focused on the reality of the student

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About us

Hello! We’are Allmed Group. We’ve Been Building Business for 16 Years

Our company has proposed to accompany the companies that work with us on this trip that is a business. We have become travel companions in this world of business and investment.

  • Business Development
  • Strategy Design
  • SEO & Social

Years of Experience

Independent Projects



  • 16 years of working in business consulting
  • Integrated work with multiple consulting companies
  • Constant growth with each partner.
  • The combination of experience and technology is one of the goals we try to achieve in each business project.


  • We fit every business budget.
  • We like to work in a team and our proposals always include meeting and coordination with different work teams.
  • Our job is to anticipate the future and position the company in the market of the future with the intention of giving it a competitive advantage in the market.


  • The technical and logistic support within the company for our partners is vital because we believe that a business evolves and for those changes we must always be working.
  • Our job is not the delivery of a service, it is being business partners where the success of one is the satisfaction of the other.

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