Dr. Ab. Paulo César Morocho Escandón

is the chief executive officer of Allmed group.

Morocho joined Allmedgroup in February 2006 as a senior vice president for worldwide operations, and then served as the executive vice president for worldwide sales and operations. He was made the chief executive on August 24, 2011. During his tenure as the chief executive, he has advocated for the political reformation of international and domestic surveillance, cybersecurity, corporate taxation, American manufacturing, and environmental preservation.

Un mensaje de Paulo Morocho

Me siento muy afortunado de conectarme con muchas personas extraordinarias. Cuando tengo la oportunidad me siento unos minutos a compartir lo que yo pienso de los problemas que tiene el mundo, son ideas, otras son propuestas porque en estos momentos en necesario la acción.

Todo esto es increible!

Una visión del futuro

El futuro será de la tecnología, todos los negocios y los estilos de vida serán afectados por la tecnología. Esta en nuestras manos orientar la tecnología para el beneficio del ser humano antes que del dinero. 


Asuntos de acción

Mi trabajo como emprendedor, doctor y abogado es ayudar a la creación de estrategias de negocios que tengan un impacto positivo en la vida de las personas, su rentabilidad y que desde luego sean legales. 


Business Advice
Companies not only need the development of products and services but their orientation must be aimed at the generation of products and services useful to people.
Everything we do in the world must be framed in the legality of our actions, my job is to legally advise all businesses in the business group.
The health of our community is a problem that is not only solved with medicines but with social actions, I firmly believe that a happy human being is a healthy human being.

Contribuir a la causa

Nosotros hemos desarrolado en las todas las empresas diferentes programas de educación, que involucran desarrollo profesional y educación a la niñez y adolescencia. 

Además tenemos la Fundación Centro de Desarrollo de la Tercera Edad que por más de 12 años trabaja en la ciudad de Cuenca Ecuador ayudando a los Adultos mayores en donde es totalmente financiada por el Grupo empresarial Allmed Group. 


About Memories

The title Memories is a term that I use as my blog because it is the name of my book the Memories in which I feel identified, this book that is written in the form of a novel let’s say it is a summary of my projects and my life.

Many times it is very difficult to express what we feel, the book the last capitalist is one of my books that has taken me more years to write and it is that being my life I think that I am still developing it, I am still growing next to it. I hope one day I can finish it before my existence ends, but for now all the ideas in my book are published in my articles that express my personal opinions are different topics with which I interact daily.

Dr. Ab. Paulo César Morocho E

I am an entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, programmer, writer but what I most appreciate being a visionary.

Every day my main interest is in trying to understand the world and see where it is going, what are the challenges that we have to face and thus be able to know what opportunities we will have in the future.

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What matters most is to meet people who can help grow that understanding of what the future will be like and what we can expect from business, society and the human being at that time.

I invite you to work together, to be in touch to develop new concepts and strategies to solve problems in any field.

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