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Characteristics of a good seller

Posted by Dr. Paulo Morocho 15/09/2014 2 Comment(s) Security,Traveling,Branding,New Products,

The profile of the negotiator must have the following characteristics:

IMPACT AND INFLUENCE: ability to influence the opinions of others, to convince the customer, achieve its decision to supply.

Achievement orientation: direct their energy to achieve goals and meet results.

INITIATIVE: able to make the decisions that concern him; make proposals; independence of action in certain highlights.

INTERPERSONAL COMPRESSION (EMPATHY): maintain successful relationships person other person; take the place of another customer (empathy).

Customer orientation: aimed at meeting customer needs; to give service; care for you; to see you.

AUTOCOFIANZA: personal safety itself.

Development of relationships (networks): tendency to expand their circle of friends and contacts.

Analytical Thinking: ability to accurately discriminate situations.

Conceptual thinking: the essential compression, multiple approaches, fresh perspectives.

FINDING INFORMATION: attitude of inquiry, to investigate, to ask.

UNDERSTANDING THE ORGANIZATION: holistic; understand the relationships of power and influence; culture; the weather; informal relationships.

Body expression:

Successful negotiators normally show a spontaneous, open, friendly body language. Let’s say that their bodies are outgoing and are presented free. These are people used to communicate, to express themselves more often than others, to gain the trust of others and for that make use of many skills, including body language.

By contrast, imagine someone who looks like a prisoner in your body, which is rigid, mechanical gait, with stereotyped gestures. Watching from reojillo as sly. People seem tied to his body disturb us, or relax finished his presence, empathy and mimicry which also leads to our bodies to stay more unemployed; to stagnate.

It cost you imagine a salesperson who is silent, of hieratic gestures, expressionless, arms adjacent to the torso without moving. Someone who does not blink, not smiling, moving as if he were a doll made of cardboard.



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